Deep Works

Welcome to the developer site for Deep Works.

Welcome to the homepage of our app, Deepfake Studio!

We are the developers of Deepfake Studio. View it on the playstore.

With our app, you’ll be able to faceswap entire videos with great resemblance using your own data. Normally, this is a process that uses expensive hardware and days of processing in order to get a decent result. You can do all of that with our app!


  • Create unlimited SD(128×128) and HD(256×256) models to train and swap on your own device
  • Add up to 1000 images to your dataset for training
  • Can swap up to 3 minutes of video at a time
  • Can swap images


  • Custom facesets w/100+ images will grant extra iterations based on images in set
  • Different queues
  • Training iterations
    • Images:250(500 w/custom faceset)
    • Small:250(500 w/custom faceset)
    • Medium:2500(up to 3000 w/custom faceset)
    • Large:5500(up to 6500 w/custom faceset)
  • Medium Videos increased to 90 seconds

Upcoming features:

  • 4x super resolution swap (online swap only)
  • Apply super resolution upgrade to your training data sets
  • Optimized HD model (224×224) with higher quality and less RAM usage